The pandemic has renewed interest in such subscription boxes for kids as families spend more time at home.
The ability to understand and act on intercultural and global issues saw Singapore students claim the top spot. 



There will be a quota on the number of flights plying both sides.
Questions have surfaced after surveillance camera footage from Singapore homes showed up on pornographic sites.
Stroke is the fourth-most common cause of death here.




    Binge eating provides a temporary escape but may leave you feeling trapped and depressed.
    Mr Ullah Kefayet had experienced acute pain in his right foot and developed early gangrene in three toes on that foot.

    Courts & Crime

    Justice Chan Seng Onn suggested the parties try going for mediation, bearing in mind that the sum Ms Parti can claim is limited to $10,000.
    The victim’s mother allowed him to stay overnight at the man's house as she thought he was a good role model for her son.
    Mohamad Iman Abdul Rahim and Norsyahmi Norhesham pleaded guilty to one count of breaching rules under the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.