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Food Picks: Crystal Jade: Parents' Day Promotions

Crystal Jade: Parents' Day Promotions: Set menus (above) for two to 10 people priced from $179.80 to $714.80.
Crystal Jade: Parents' Day Promotions: Set menus (above) for two to 10 people priced from $179.80 to $714.80.PHOTOS: CRYSTAL JADE FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE, SHERATON TOWERS
Boston lobster ($39, above) from Fullerton Hotel.
Boston lobster ($39, above) from Fullerton Hotel.
Laksa (above, fried or with gravy), priced at $29 from Sheraton Towers.
Laksa (above, fried or with gravy), priced at $29 from Sheraton Towers.


I had not heard of Parents' Day until Crystal Jade Palace started its annual promotion menus to celebrate it.

Apparently, the occasion is celebrated in countries such as South Korea and the United States this month and in July respectively.

For Crystal Jade, the promotion combines Mother's Day this month and Father's Day next month.

The promotion is available through these two months, with set menus for two to 10 people priced from $179.80 to $714.80.

A la carte dishes are available as well, but the set menus work out to be better deals.

Orders have to be made online three days in advance for islandwide delivery, but you can also call the hotline for same-day delivery.

The roast meats turned out to be good - the meat of the roast duck ($21.80 a portion) was moist and the crispy crackling pork belly ($16.80) lived up to its name.

I was also impressed that dishes such as steamed sea perch with golden mushroom and black fungus ($18 a person) travelled reasonably well during delivery, requiring just a little heating up.

Just make sure not to overcook it while doing so.

HOW TO ORDER: Order set menus three days in advance from estore.crystaljade.com; or call 9177-2091 or 9177-1971 at least two hours in advance. For a la carte, go to crystaljade.com/promotion PRICE: $179.80 to $714.80 (set menus for two to 10 people)


Some five-star hotels are offering value-for-money delivery meals during these uncertain times.

Fullerton Hotel, for example, has launched a series of meals by its restaurants, featuring Chinese and local dishes. They come packaged in an attractive cardboard box, with the dishes, sauces and condiments arranged neatly inside.

Prices start at $19 for dishes such as beef rendang, which comes with jasmine rice, achar and seasonal vegetables.

My favourite dish was the sauteed Boston lobster ($39) from Jade restaurant, which was also the most expensive. But the dish comprises half a lobster cooked in a delicious XO sauce, with egg noodles that go well with the gravy. There is also a side dish of wok-fried French beans with dried shrimp.

The only dish I didn't fancy was the Hainanese chicken rice ($19) because it came with only breast meat. Thigh meat would have been much better.

HOW TO ORDER: Order from shop.fullertonhotels.com DELIVERY: $15, free for orders of $100 and above


Sheraton Towers is delivering dishes from two eateries: Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant and The Dining Room.

Li Bai's Sharing Bundle ($68), a set meal of three dishes and one soup, is designed for small families of two or three. It comprises steamed boneless chicken with ginger, tomato with egg, chayote with shredded kurobuta and black fungus, and hot and sour soup with shredded chicken.

The meal boxes from The Dining Room are designed for individual diners. There are 10 dishes priced at $12 each, including Asian Black Pepper Fish Fillet, Nasi Goreng Belacan, Beef Kway Teow, Chilli Prawn and Double Cheese Burger. Look for them under the Wok-in' Good category.

There are other a la carte dishes. A stand-out for me was the signature Laksa (fried or with gravy), priced at $29. The dry laksa was fried with prawns, scallops, fish cake and quail eggs, and topped with bean sprouts and cucumber strips. Or you can opt for the version with gravy, like regular laksa.

HOW TO ORDER: Order from shopatsheraton.oddle.me; use code "15OFF" for a 15 per cent discount DELIVERY: $10, free for orders of $80 and above

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